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Blackjack Book Review “Winning at Blackjack” by Bryan Evans is a book for beginners, and is very easy to read and to the point. It goes carefully and slowly through basic strategies. This isnít a book for those of you who might be interested in hearing fun stories about gambling in Vegas. Itís a straightforward tutorial about what the rookie player should know before heading out to the casino.

Blackjack Book Review “Winning Blackjack for the Serious Player” by Edwin Silberstang is best suited to the rookie player. This book contains charts for different rule variations of the game, which are quite useful if you gamble in different casinos. Also covered are some basic counting strategies. Definitely a book worth having for the beginning blackjack gambler.

Blackjack Book Review “Winning Casino Blackjack for the Non-Counter” by Avery Cardoza is a great strategy book for blackjack rookies. It provides you with in depth charts showing which moves to make, and explains the charts in simple language thatís easy to remember when youíre at the table. All the best writers about the game of blackjack admit that you should know basic strategy for this game. Youíll find it here if you study this book.

Blackjack Book Review “The Worldís Greatest Blackjack Book” by Lance Humble provides a detailed description of how to play blackjack and outlines basic strategy with tables and charts, including an articulate description of Hi-opt1 counting strategy. Itís a great book for both rookies and seasoned pros alike. Sometimes referred to as the Blackjack Bible!

Blackjack Book Review “You've Got Heat” by Barfarkel is not a how-to manual on card counting. Itís a very enjoyable book about the author's adventures in card counting at the casinos of Las Vegas and about the interesting life in Sin City. This book is a down and dirty take on what it's like to start off with a small bankroll, and battle the casinos day in and day out to get your bankroll big enough to move up to the next level of game play.

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