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Las Vegas Book Review “Ask Barney, An Insider's Guide to Las Vegas” by Barney Vinson is a fabulous collection of questions and answers about anything relating to Las Vegas and gambling written by a man who has really been there and done all that. The author has been employed as a dice dealer, a boxman, a casino floor supervisor and was the games instructor for Caesars Palace. This is a book to sit back and relax with on the couch. You wonít learn any great new techniques for beating the casinos, but youíll be highly entertained by the great stories from this true Las Vegas insider.

Las Vegas Book Review “Comp City” by Max Rubin talks about how to make the most of the free stuff you can get from the casinos, in exchange for your patronage. Have you ever been at a casino, and been jealous of the high-roller who is getting free rooms, free food, free whatever? This book explains how to appear to be a high-roller in various ways, so that the casino will be more likely to give you more of that great free stuff. Many people have tried his methods, and have found them to work. Iíd say itís worth a try, but beware that if you worry about betting more than $5 a hand at blackjack, this book is not for you.

Las Vegas Book Review “Las Vegas A Photographic Tour” by Carol M. Highsmith and Ted Landphair is just what the title says; a photographic tour of one of the most photogenic and most photographed cities in the U.S. How could you pick a more interesting topic for a book, than the evolution of a place that started out as a Mormon missionary fort in the middle of nowhere and grew to become the most fantastically extravagant city in the world. This book would make a great companion with Las Vegas Then and Now, as both contain excellent photos and thereís very little overlap of subject matter.

Las Vegas Book Review “Las Vegas on the Dime” by Michael Toole contains information on some of the biggest money-saving values in Las Vegas, starting with how to get to Las Vegas, and how to get around while youíre there, without losing your shirt before you even hit the casinos! This book is a complete summary of the best places to eat, sleep and be entertained for much less that youíd think. If youíre wishing you could go to Las Vegas, but are convinced itíll be too expensive for you, I highly recommend this book. Itís only too bad that there isnít an updated version. This book came out 5 years ago, and Las Vegas is in a constant state of flux.

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