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Casino Games Book Review “Craps: Take the Money and Run” by Henry J. Tamburinis a book that gives an understanding of the basic game of Craps. Included are details about all the bets on the table and a good strategy for winning. Written for the beginner and intermediate player alike; it includes basic rules and mechanics of the game, the best strategy for playing craps, and much more.

Casino Games Book Review “How to Win Millions Playing Slot Machines...or Lose Trying” by Frank Legato is a fun and enlightening book about slot machines and his experiences in the casinos. The book has some very humorous moments as well as a lot of good information about slot machines and how they work.

Casino Games Book Review “The Lottery Book” by Don Catlin should be read by anyone who likes to play the lotteries. Mr. Catlin gives the topic a professional treatment befitting a former math professor. Youíll find out how to calculate odds, as well as stories about big winners from the past and details about different kinds of lotteries. Also included is a a state by state breakdown of your chances of winning each game.

Casino Games Book Review “Fundamentals of Craps” by Mason Malmuth and Lynne Loomis gives the reader all the facts and none of the fluff about Craps. They explain the table layout, the dealers at the table, and the math behind the game. This book also has great descriptions of betting "right" and "wrong", place and buy bets, and the proposition bets in the middle of the table. Each bet is accompanied by a description of what it is, how to make it, and what the house edge is. The authors also give some extra information about the bets with the lowest house edge; the pass, don't pass, come, and don't come, and the place on the 6 and 8. By finishing off with some good advice about money management, they definitely have my vote.

Casino Games Book Review “Mastering the Game of Caribbean Stud Poker” by Stanley Ko provides a complete description of Caribbean Stud Poker. The author gives in depth explanations of the basics as well as some good strategies. The included strategies are good for both the casino and the console or online versions of the game.

Casino Games Book Review “Baccarat for the Clueless” by John May is a thoroughly researched book that looks into the latest state-of-the-art knowledge about baccarat systems. It is easy to tell that this is the authorís favorite game in the casino, and that heíd like more than anything else to find a way to beat the game, at least occasionally. Itís refreshing to find that heís so honest about the difficulty to win at baccarat consistently, so if youíre looking for the unbeatable baccarat system, you wonít find it here, or anywhere for that matter.

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If you like card games, and are attracted to the more elegant casino games, you probably like baccarat. It's one of the more relaxing games at the casino, and BertsBaccarat is a great place for tips. It IS James Bond's favorite game!

If cards aren't your cup of tea, and you like something fast paced, you'll love video poker for its quick game play, and high excitement! has loads of info about it.

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