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Blackjack Book Review “Blackjack: The Real Deal” by J. Phillip Vogel is a great resource for any player, especially the rookies. His basic strategies are bang on when you compare them to most usual strategies, and the book also has a basic section on card-counting; an important thing to know about for beginners. The author also covers casino etiquette, money management and other handy tips.

Blackjack Book Review “John Patrick's Blackjack” by John Patrick is fun to read, simple, and easy to apply. Anyone who has played casino blackjack with real money will easily understand his methods. Mr. Patrick also shows you how to handle yourself and your money in the casino.

Blackjack Book Review “Million Dollar Blackjack” by Ken Uston is one of the classic books about card counting. Though the book is a bit old, the information hasnít changed enough for it to be out-of-date. This book refers to 5 levels of strategy, starting with basic and ranging to what is called the Uston Advanced Point Count. The author also includes many stories from his adventures as a professional blackjack player along with comprehensive advice on team play.

Blackjack Book Review “The Most Powerful Blackjack Manual” by Jay Moore is a wonderful book. He uses his 25 years of experience in the gaming industry and turns it into a winning Blackjack strategy. The author begins with the and goes right up to pro-level knowledge. He also shows his easy technique of winning without using card counting. Whether youíre a rookie or a seasoned pro, this book has all of the information you need to win at blackjack.

Blackjack Book Review “The Theory of Blackjack” by Peter A. Griffin carefully explains the math behind basic blackjack strategy and card counting techniques in a way that truly makes sense. For the serious card counter, the information in this book will help you assess counting systems. It will also help you adapt your game play for changes in rules at different casinos.

Blackjack Book Review “Turning the Tables on Las Vegas” by Ian Andersen is not only a book about how to count cards in blackjack, itís also a book that gives advice on how not to get caught doing it at the casinos. The information on card counting is a bit dated, but it does a good job of handling the procedure of card counting.

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Maybe Blackjack's not quite your style. If so, you might like red dog poker. It's kind of like a cross between Blackjack and Poker. It's a really fun game, and easy to learn too.

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