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Las Vegas Book Review “Las Vegas Then and Now” by Su Kim Chung is a coffee-table type book, filled with historical photos of Sin City. Youíll see on the left page, a photo from the past, and on the right, the same scene in the present. The author has put together a wonderful historical record of Las Vegas, and the book is packaged beautifully too. I was greatly impressed with all the photos and also with the historical information that accompanies each set of pictures.

Las Vegas Book Review “Moving to Las Vegas, 3rd Edition” by John L. Smith and Patricia Smith is a comprehensive guide for anyone considering putting down roots in one of the fastest growing areas of the United States. The Las Vegas area grew by more than 60% in the 90ís, and isnít slowing down much at all. This book gives you details on the basics that youíll need when moving to a new city, including where the schools are, how to get your utilities hooked up, where to shop, etc. This is a great book, full of lots of useful information, and this latest edition is a big improvement over previous editions.

Las Vegas Book Review “Super Casino” by Pete Earley is a chronicle of the life of the Las Vegas super-resort, the Luxor from an insider's view. The author explores the history of Las Vegas, and pays special attention to events and the Circus chain in particular. Mr. Earley also interviews many colorful icons associated with this mysterious business. For instance, he follows the careers of people such as Steve Wynn and Bill Bennett, whose ideas and imagination helped change the Las Vegas Strip from a mobster and high rollers hangout to an adult version of Disneyland, appropriate for the whole family.

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