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Poker Book Review “Championship Satellite Strategy – How to Turn a Toothpick into a Lumberyard” by Tom McEvoy and Brad Daugherty is for the player that has never been to a major poker tournament and wants to play a satellite for his/her entry. It covers the basics and breaks down each tournament into stages so you can focus on one at a time. This isn’t a book for professional or even intermediate players, as they have likely already experienced satellite play. This book is for the satellite play newbie.

Poker Book Review “Championship Table” by Dana Smith chronicles thirty years of poker players and their quests to win the WSOP, poker's most desirable title. In this book, you’ll find names and pictures of everyone who made the final table, photos of the last hand the winner played, how they played their hand, and the total winning amount. this book also contains anecdotes about the winners and interesting highlights from each series.

Poker Book Review “Championship Tournament Practice Hands” by Tom McEvoy and T.J. Cloutier is written in an very readable style for the intermediate to advanced player, or at least someone with a good working knowledge of the game. There’s much more information in this book about hands that come into play later in the game than there is about starting hands. And there’s a section near the end about famous WSOP hands that is fun to read.

Poker Book Review “Middle Limit Hold’em Poker” by Bob Ciaffone and Jim Brier is a book for seasoned Hold’em players. The book starts with basic theory about Hold’em poker as background and assumes that you are very familiar with the game and also a considerable quantity of poker strategy. This is a book that is definitely aimed at very experienced Hold'em players, and is densely packed with information. Definitely not for rookies, or even intermediate players.

Poker Book Review “Winning Omaha/8 Poker” by Mark Tenner and Lou Krieger is a good book for more advanced players who want even more information about this game. Any player who has a basic knowledge of Omaha/8 and thinks they need to think about the game at a deeper level will likely benefit from this book. Both a reference and a tutorial, this book is a useful tool for any player interested in improving his Omaha/8 game.

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