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Casino Games Book Review “John Patrick's Craps” by John Patrick will make you a stronger player no matter what your knowledge level might be. The advice in this book of value to all gamblers but mostly to the rookie craps player. Even those that have been playing Craps for many years will benefit from the common sense explanations in this book.

Casino Games Book Review “Winning Craps for the Serious Player” by J. Edward Allen gives you a comprehensive breakdown of how the craps is played, the best bets to make, and the bets to avoid. Written for serious craps players and beginners, this book belongs in your collection. It is a straightforward but not too dry read, with a touch of humor thrown in for good measure.

Casino Games Book Review “Mastering the Game of Let it Ride” by Stanley Ko is one of the most comprehensive descriptions of Let It Ride that there is. This book gives you the playing basics and some great strategies and also includes an in depth guide to Let It Ride tournaments.

Casino Games Book Review “Get the Edge at Craps” by Sharpshooter is a how to book that deals with the only aspect of the game that you have any control over: the dice. The author has spent countless hours at countless craps tables in countless casinos, perfecting his technique, and has now written a book to describe the methods you might employ to start on the road to being a sharpshooter yourself. The author begins the book by explaining the basics; dice combinations and the different bets available. Chapter 5 is where he starts getting to the meat of the matter. Chapter 5 explains setting the dice and chapter 6 talks about delivering the dice, while chapter 7 discusses grip. An excellent book with sound methodologies.

Casino Games Book Review “Mastering the Game of Three Card Poker” by Stanley Ko describes the rules and strategy for playing one of the most popular new casino games. If youíre interested in the mathematics, youíll will find lots of data that youíll need to evaluate this game for almost any purpose.

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